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Attractions around Mielno and Unieście

What interesting sites can we visit around these places?


Koszalin is one of the largest cities in Poland’s province of Pomerania. It is treated as a changeover point by many (in fact, a changeover in Koszalin is one of the better options for people who want to get to e.g. Mielno out of the season). It also has quite a few tourist attractions.

museums, old town architecture, walking areas, a sanctuary and a vantage point on Mount Chełmska


Gąski is a place for those who don’t like crowds. It is one of the smallest places on the Polish Baltic coast.

Ustronie Morskie i Sianożety

Former fishing villages, which are now mainly holiday resorts. With a few unusual attractions ... Plus they are walking distance from each other.


Kołobrzeg. Once a fortified town, today it is mainly a SPA-city. The seaside resort enjoys the unflagging interest of vacationers. Also, its surroundings are full of tourist attractions.

Darłowo i Darłówko

Darłowo. A royal city. The king referred to was indeed Scandinavian, one that was banished from his country (and not only). In addition, he sank as low as to begin earning through piracy... But the royal character of the city remained.


Dobrzyca is a small town located a few kilometers from the shores of the Baltic Sea, which became famous in recent years mainly due to two beautiful gardens.

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