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Willa Alexander Resort & SPA is a unique place for those who want to rest in a luxurious and intimate place, improve their health, and restore their vitality. We organize health stays based on special diets and exercise. Willa Alexander Resort & SPA is one of the few places in Poland which offers guests a fruit and vegetable cleansing diet as recommended by XXX.

In terms of nutrition you obtain support from a nutrition technologist with extensive experience - Ms. Adriana Andrusieczko, who worked with XXX for nearly 12 years in the scope of the fruit and vegetable diet, among others, by creating menus and supervising their realization.


The treatment is recommended for people suffering from diseases of affluence. The indications for its use include:

  • overweight and obesity
  • joint diseases
  • lowered immunity
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • skin and food allergies
  • neurological diseases
  • endocrine conditions


  • Stabilizes blood pressure,
  • Normalizes blood sugar,
  • Dissolves blood clots and leads to the regression of atherosclerotic plaques,
  • Inhibits the production of free radicals
  • Improves the excretion of toxins from the body
  • Increases the body’s immunity to infections
  • Cleanses the skin, smooths wrinkles
  • Breaks down fat stores
  • Restores acid-base balance
  • Regulates digestion
  • Eliminates protein deposits
  • Restores activity to inactive genes
  • Triggers vitality
  • Restores harmony, gives the feeling of tranquility

We provide our guests:

  • diets: vegetable-fruit according to XXX, 1200 kcal, wholesome
  • doctor's care
  • accommodation in 1- or 2-person rooms with fridges
  • lecture on the vegetable-fruit diet
  • free treatments: anti-detox, electrostimulation, partial massage, a dip in the hot tub
  • access to the swimming pool in the hours 8 AM – 10 PM
  • free access to the sauna zone during the hours 4 PM – 10 PM (steam sauna, dry sauna, infrared sauna)
  • use of the salt grotto and Sunny Meadow
  • morning exercise outdoors or exercise in the pool
  • full board according to the prescribed diet
  • fruit buffet 1 x during stay
  • możliwość bezpłatnej zmiany diety w trakcie pobytu
  • unlimited access to the herbal tea and mineral water zone
  • access to the Fitness Park
  • hiring Nordic Walking sticks
  • free WI-FI on the premises
  • safe in the room
  • use of bikes
  • bathrobe during stay
  • parking on the premises
  • close to the sea (150m) and Lake Jamno (100m)

For an extra charge:

  • option of using individual consultations with a dietician specialist
  • test for food intolerance
  • services of the masseur, beautician, and many others

We offer a variety of attractions for our guests: Nordic Walking, classes in the pool (aqua aerobics), exercise, dancing evenings.

What to bring with you:

  • current medical records
  • swimsuit
  • tracksuits and sports shoes
  • rain clothing

Willa Alexander invites you all to take the first steps on the road to rebuilding your health!
Per diaetam ad salutem!

Room type (price for 7-day stay) Season 1
Season 2
1-person room Komfort 1673 PLN 1883 PLN
2-person room Komfort 3112 PLN 3502 PLN
1-person room Standard 1533 PLN 1743 PLN
2-person room Standard 2851 PLN 3242 PLN
Room type (price for stay 1 person/day) Season 1
Season 2
1-person room Komfort 239 PLN 269 PLN
2-person room Komfort 222 PLN 250 PLN
1-person room Standard 219 PLN 249 PLN
2-person room Standard 204 PLN 232 PLN

Arrival on Sunday afternoon (dinner)

Departure on Sunday morning (after breakfast)

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2-week Menu
Tea in the diet
Products allowed in the diet
Diet recommendations
Weaning off the diet

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